Healthy Cocktails?

Can you really make healthy cocktails?  Let’s face it, our Australian culture does revolve around spending the weekend with your mates, gals, and crew, having good food and knocking back some tasty beverages.  Now, I do promote a balanced life and living and thriving in the life of your dreams instead of just living for the weekend, but... there are some great things about the Australian way.  Aussies do genuinely love spending time with their friends and family, sharing good food and relaxing together. The down side? All that weekend pizza bingeing and sugar filled drinks or bloaty beers can be taxing on our health and the rest of the week.

It is definitely the current trend to go on detox, get into yoga, start meditating and get your life in balance which is SUPER. The interesting thing here is that for so many people they don’t know how to actually do their detox and then come back to their normal life with some type of balance. You can't just spend the rest of life avoiding your friends who want to socialise, and nor should you have to. There is an answer…. Combine them! To some, this sounds like such a contradiction, but it truly is not.  There is a new culture rising around socialising and looking after yourself at the same time and we intend to  help Aussies jump on board.

If we look to the past and traditional herbal medicine then we will find that a a lot of herbs back then (and still today) are extracted in alcohol as a medicine and a way of preservation. Am I claiming that when you drink herbs in alcohol you are having medicine… certainly not, but  is there a possibility that you are adding beneficial effects to your weekend drinking habits by doing so? Quite possibly!

At Elixiba, we infuse a myriad of herbs into gluten free vodka to make our in house herbal vodkas, and also our potentised herbal tinctures .We have some epic blends like Turmeric, Ginger and Pepper- awesome anti-inflammatory; Nettle – wicked blood cleanser; Damiana and Blue lily – the time traveller's blend…..and more.

The other part of your weekend drinking habits that brings on the hangovers and toxicity is the quality of your mixers… processed sugars, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and low quality juices.  There are so many other great options that can work in balance with your body instead of against it.