How To Eat Out Healthy

As hard as we are finding it to believe, the holiday season is indeed upon us! December is just around the corner and with the seasonal period ahead, eating out, dining out, changing up our normal routines and eating habits is almost a certainty! The good news is- with a few insider tips and know-how, it’s easy to eat out in a healthy and enjoyable way, not just over the festive season, but all year-round.

One of our favourite things, and one of the main reasons why we opened Elixiba, is to show people how easy it is to enjoy all your favourite foods, in a healthful way. Pizzas, burgers, spring rolls, dips and chips- when you bring food back to basics, when you use real wholefoods, cook with healthy oils and cut out nasty ingredients such as dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, additives, preservatives and anything artificial, it’s easy to enjoy all of your favourite meals, that are indeed tastier than their original counterparts.

At the Elixiba, our abundant burgers are the perfect example of this. If you order a burger and fries in most establishments, youre looking at a meal that is going to be pretty distressing for the body to handle. We make our plant-based veggie patties from scratch, we serve them on a paleo chia bun, our chips are hand-cut and seasoned naturally with fresh herbs, we offer plenty of fresh salad with each burger and all sauces are made with real ingredients that are as good for you as they are delicious. This is a meal that your body will benefit from on every level! And that’s the way we believe food should be- as tasty as it is healthful.

For many people with health issues or food intolerances, foods like pizza are an absolute no-no. At Elixiba, we frequently offer pizza nights where our homemade bases are gluten free and our cheese is a cashew cheese- making every pizza option one that is both gluten and dairy free and not scrimping on taste for a second. With toppings that include fresh greens, organic veggies, sprouts, avocado, homemade sauces- pizza becomes a healthy meal that everyone can enjoy.

This is the case for our entire menu at Elixiba- from Nachos and Enchiladas to Samosas and Sliders- every dish has been created with taste, health and positive vibes in mind. And this doesn’t end with our food menu. Our drinks menu is exceptional and unique, combining all your traditional favourite drinks with medicinal herbs, healing tonics and superfoods. Our range of botanical beers are custom brewed without the use of chemicals or preservatives (the culprits that give you that nasty hangover!) and they contain ingredients such as damiana, turmeric, ginger and liquorice for their added health properties.  Our plant based cocktails have already earned themselves quite a reputation! Using the best quality spirits and liqueurs, fresh juice, edible flowers, powerful herbs, medicinal spices, traditional Australian bush-tucker, and superfoods such as spirulina and chlorophyll, these drinks take happy hour to a whole new level!!! We make our own coconut nectar syrup to sweeten our drinks and also offer sugar free options. When it comes to regular cocktails and alcoholic beverages, it is usually a combination of the preservatives and sugars they wreak havoc on your body and leave you feeling depleted the day after. Our clean drinks not only avoid these harmful ingredients, but combine the pure alcohol with ingredients that support your liver, nourish your cells, stimulate your brain and boost your endorphins.

If you cant enjoy every single meal you eat out with us at Elixiba though (you can always try…!) keep these tips in mind when you’re out and about-

-Opt for plant based dishes that are fresh and include plenty of vegetables and greens

-Try adding a side salad to your meal or swapping chips for salad

-Look for hand cut chips on a menu, sweet potato chips are also becoming more common too

-Look out for gluten free options such as burger buns and pizza bases, or try getting your burger without a white bun and with extra salad

-Side dishes can be great, sometimes you can make a whole meal with sides! Steamed vegetables, brown rice, salad options, or hand cut wedges can be a good choice

-Ask for sauces and dressings on the side where possible

-See if you can have items grilled or steamed instead of fried

-Don’t be scared to as your waiter questions! If you want to know what is in something, they can help you make informed choices about your meal

-Research healthy restaurants near you or look at menus online to find places that will suit everyone but offer a few healthy options too

-Try sticking to clean spirits and non-mixed drinks, look out for local craft beers and organic wines on menus if you’re looking for a drink to enjoy

Remember that eating out should be an enjoyable occasion. Even if you end up with a ‘less-than-perfect’ meal, send the meal some positive vibes! Say a blessing for the occasion. Did you know that our thoughts around food can be harmful also? So don’t beat yourself up! Our bodies are very forgiving if the majority of what we fuel it with is done consciously and healthfully.  If you’re social circles are not adventurous eaters or baulk at the thought of eating at a vegan restaurant, challenge them! We are yet to meet a single customer who hasn’t been amazed at the food we offer. Plant based food is not just for vegans – it is for absolutely everyone and the more plant based foods we feed our body, the happier and healthier it will be. Help people break out of their confined beliefs and try something new- we guarantee they wont be disappointed! Educating the people that we know and love is a beautiful thing to be able to do.

We hope this has been helpful for you! Its easy to feel challenged if you’re travelling, eating out, dining at a friend or family members or out of your normal routine, but you always have options to choose from. We have the power and wisdom to provide our body with vibrant nutrition, and this doesn’t mean scrimping on flavor. We hope to see you in store enjoying our abundant menu. We feel so proud and excited about changing peoples conceptions when it comes to plant based food and beverages. Join our revolution! Embrace health and flavor. Life’s too short- so we offer you the chance to enjoy the burger, the chips, the cocktail and the dessert too. Without the guilt, without the food coma, without the hangover.


So, who’s booking their Christmas party with us?!