The Elixiba Experience


Elixiba is a health-oriented venue where good times and good food come together.

This is a new approach to the dining and nightlife experience - something that’s never been done before.

We believe that you can enjoy a great night out that your body will thank you for the next day. So we’ve created a bar and restaurant serving exquisite food and drinks that are infused with a variety of rare and wonderful active botanicals.


Our drinks menu features an exclusive range of alcohols that have been custom brewed and distilled using herbs, superfoods and bushtuckers. Along with these we serve unique non-alcoholic herbal elixirs that have relaxing, energising, mood enhancing, aphrodisiac and other effects. Watch the Cheshire Cat cocktail literally change colours before your eyes, or try the Turmeric Tonic with ginger spritzer, ginkgo tincture and cayenne pepper to fill you with vitality.


All our food is plant-based, gluten free and made with love. Everything on the menu is created from scratch in a low-allergy kitchen with a focus on taste, health, good vibes, and locally sourced organic ingredients where possible. Try the smokehouse sliders with jackfruit ‘pulled pork’ and a smoky BBQ sauce, or the Salad of Glory made from edible leaves and flowers with a hibiscus balsamic dressing.


We strive to uphold the values of ‘conscious commerce’ - a way of doing business that aims to enhance the lives of everybody involved in it, to be ecologically sustainable, and to play a role in the global movement for positive change. Through the Buy One Give One ‘Business for Good’ initiative our customers have a positive impact on amazing humanitarian and ecological projects around the world every time they visit Elixiba.